Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is my first blog and it is a little intimidating to be faced with a large blank page. I will be working towards getting photographs on the site but I am still learning how to use my camera so it may take some time. Sadly, I was snowed in and missed the Hamburg, Pa. rabbit show today. I was looking forward to it since I have never been to that show before. I really enjoy going to new towns that host the rabbit shows. You always find a new resturant or shop. Meeting new people and making new friends is always so much fun. Going to the York show two weeks ago and getting there on the wrong day turned out to be alot of fun. I found a flea market that had some beautiful, old carved pins carved out of mother of pearl. They had wire twisted into names over the carved shapes. One of them had "Nellie" which is the name of my oldest dog. She is kind of a sheep dog/German shepherd mix that we got from the pound 9 years ago. She is showing her age and I got the pin to always remind me of her.

The show season has been fun so far this year with Shepherds Aris taking quite a few Best of Breeds. I think she has won at least 9 or 10 Grand Champion legs at this point with one Best in Show at the United Angoras Specialty show at the Pennsylvania State Convention. She took BOB at the York show so I guess it was worth staying. Shepherds Mudpuddle (chocolate senior doe) took Best of Variety, which was such a surprise as she was up against Alex's tort doe that had won Best in Show youth at the Pa. convention. Judge George Long has such a nice touch with the angoras and the exibitors as he took the time to explain his choice had more to do with density, letting the exibitors touch Mudpuddles' coat. It seems she really did have more density. I will be looking forward to having babies from her and Shepherds Miro (nick named Tater tot, son of Tate and Nuance). Mudpuddle is also from Tate and Nuance is from Serendipity, sister of Reflections, winner of the Indy Convention BIS.
Aster and Audie have been doing well at shows with Aster needing one more leg to grand and Audie coming into a beautiful coat for spring shows. I will try to get some photos of them on the site tomorrow. I also have many new baby pictures but getting them to hold still is really difficult. Putting them into a small basket has helped. More later.