Sunday, January 29, 2012

Think Spring

 Princess Poppy
Cuddles up 
on a furry throw.

It feels just like spring so I changed the blog site over to some new spring colors. The weather is crazy this year. I am not complaining as there is no snow to shovel, yea!  The angoras and woolies are having a hard time keeping coats on though. It will be a problem if they are all molting by Nationals which seems to be the case.
How would they know what to do if one day it is 30* and the next day it is 65*. One day last week I came out to the rabbitry and it was 75* in there, time for fans not heaters. Many people I know are having baby chicks born like crazy at this time of the year. They all think it's Spring. Princess Poppy is keeping her coat so far so here's hoping.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Supermodels and a Surprise

Broken English Angoras,
Visit NYC.
Didn't like the traffic.
The surprise when we got home.

So a second trip was needed to finish up the photo shoot started last week. This time the broken English Angoras were requested for the trip along with the Jersey Woolies. It was somewhat of a daunting experience to take 7 bunnies to NYC by myself, but showing bunnies for so many years has given me some experience in this field so off I went. This was a new location in lower Manhattan in the West Village, right out of the Holland Tunnel. After locating the building, I drove around and around the blocks trying to find a parking space or a parking garage. Seems like I kept missing the right one way street, remember Rhode Island Convention anyone? My nicname is the Compass after all. Anyway, I finally found a lot and rolled the stack of bunnies up two blocks and over one. They were not liking the noise, fire trucks and belching steam pipes, so were happy when we rolled inside the building and up the elevator. Adult models were in this shoot as well as children and the beautiful model named Fabrizia was not to sure about holding any of these strange creatures. She wanted to know if they bite and was reassured that they did not. So holding them in her pretty white lace dress with her long perfectly curled hair worked out really well. After the shoot she even asked if she could hold them again and get her photo taken on her phone. I guess I converted another bunny novice to an english angora lover and over to the dark side. When bunnies and I finally all got home, I was surprised with a new angora goat baby girl, a very early birth this year and born on a warm day which is even a nicer surprise.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


 Two Rews took the trip.
Two Blues went along. 
They are very photogenetic.

A bunny friend of mine recommended me to an animal talent agent awhile back. We tried to connect for a few things but dates did not work out. Finally, I had what they needed and the date was good so off we went to NYC in a snow storm for a photo shoot. Four of my Jersey Wooly babies were the right age, 8 and 9 weeks old, and so cute and fluffy. Two REWs and two blues were chosen to come along, a brother and sister each.

Show bunnies travel well even at a young age, but to be sure, I took them on a few rides in the car in their travel crate during the week before. Posing them since they were young babies helps with the "stay still" part. The studio doesn't let you know who or what you are posing them for to keep their clients to themselves so I didn't really know what to expect.

Adorable child models started arriving, got there makeup done, hair blown out and styled and beautiful silk and satin flowered dresses were put on. Some of these little models were as young as four but very practiced with each smile and small movement expected of them. I was in awe of their poise and cuteness.

They were positioned on a white garden bench with a small easter basket and then they called "Bunny on Set!". I was cracking up everytime they said this as it seemed like they were for calling for Angela Jolie or Brad Pitt. But the bunnies sat on laps, snuggled into necks and were cradled in arms just like the pros would. They were great and very professional. My biggest worry was they would stain one of these beautiful, on loan, dresses or the very pretty children that were holding them. Phew, thank goodness they didn't, what a relief. They are my babies and I love them no matter what, but they sure amazed the studio staff at how they acted just like pros. I am very proud of my small Supermodels and hope to get to view the photos at some point in time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

PASRBA Sale List

Broken Blue Tort English Angora 
Black Otter Jersey Wooly

I am starting my sale list for PASRBA. Most likely, I will not bring all that are listed. Just what there is interest in. Trying to make room for the broken english angora project and get some funds together for the Nationals. Contact me at for more information.

English Angoras For Sale:
All Pedigree, Many Grand Champion Registered Rabbits in Backgrounds

Broken Blue Tort Junior Doe, perfect markings and butterfly, 10 weeks old, BIS GC Sire
REW Buck, 1GC Leg, Proven, in Full Coat, Bigger Boy, GC Sire and GC Dam
Sable Doe, in puppy clip, ready to be bred, GC Lilac Sire, GC BIS Lines
Tort Doe, in show coat, Beautiful Wool Texture, GC BIS Sire, GC Dam

Black Buck, in puppy clip, Heavy density, Beautiful Wool, Spinning or Pet, No Pedigree 

Jersey Woolies For Sale:

Black Buck, Broken Lines, dark color, heavy density, solid body, proven
Black Buck, 1 GC leg, Tort Lines, BIS GC Dam, heavy density, solid body, proven
Broken Black Otter buck, GC BISS Dam and Sire has 3 GC legs, heavy coat, great markings
Black Otter Jr Buck, GS BISS Blue Dam, GC Lines, herd buck potential/ Hold Jamie
Blue Buck, Blue and Broken Blue Lines, GC Blue Sire and GC Lines,dense coat, big head
Broken Tort buck, No butterfly, GC BIS Lines, proven, beautiful coat texture
REW Doe, Blue and Broken Blue Lines, GC Blue Sire and GC Lines, tiny show doe
Blue Doe, Black, Blue and Broken Black Lines, Brood, beautiful heavy coat, solid body, ready to breed

Contact me with any questions you might have concerning the bunnies listed and I will be glad to answer them.-Dru

Friday, January 13, 2012

Color Color Everywhere

 New Blue Jersey Wooly Babies
 Aren't they sweet?
 Broken Angoras Grow up.
Pretty spotted faces. 
Interested in Everything.

Baby time is so much fun especially when they get fluffy. The blue wooly babies are adorable, a buck and a doe. Beautiful blue gray eyes to match their coats. The broken angoras are growing up and getting fluffy, two does, a broken blue tort and a broken tort. They are so cute but hard to photograph as they just wouldn't stay still. Can't wait until the Pearl angoras grow up. They will be really cute!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reserve in Show

 Shepherd's Ring My Bell, Reserve in Show, Rochester, NY
Bell looking pretty against pink 
Judge Joe Coulucci (sp?)with a very tired me and Ring My Bell 
New babies in the nest, 2 pearls and a blue tort 
New Babies in the nest, 2 lilac torts and 3 pearls.

What an exciting weekend! At the last minute I went up to the Rochester, NY show, mainly to pick up more broken english angoras from Brenda. I entered some Jersey Woolies and some English Angoras in the show since I was there anyway. There are some very well know breeders in that area, so I really didn't expect to do very well. To my surprise, Shepherd's Ring My Bell, rew self Jersey Wooly Doe, won BOG and then even more surprising, she went on to win BOB. This was a very long show as the weather was nice and many people and bunnies were in attendance. Someone said 2,000 rabbits? I was not even going to bother with BIS as we had a very long drive home. Since we were still there at the end with the angora specialty show, I asked Lauren to take her up. It must have been the lucky rug that Tia won BIS youth with her English Angora, rubbing off on her and Lauren winning Reserve in Show youth with her Fuzzy Lop. Judge Joe Coulucci picked Ring My Bell as Reserve in Show. Wow, was I surprised! One of my goals this year was to place better with my Jersey's and that sure was a great start. They gave out beautiful embroidered blankets as prizes and Bell really likes hers. All the prizes went to wool breeds, as Charlotte won BIS with her beautiful French Angora.
While I was at the show, my husband was watching the fort, and I had two beautiful litters of English Angoras born. Lots of pearls, blue tort and lilac torts in the nest box and they are all doing very well.
We had fun all around and I didn't get home until 2am, haven't done that since college.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hoppy New Ears

Best in Show, Mullica Hill, NJ 
 BIS GC Shepherd's Peony
 Best in Specialty Show, GC Shepherd's Uptown
2nd Reserve in Show, Delmarva, MD

Hoppy New Ears to everyone! I hope everyone has a great 2012. Thinking of all the bunny related things I have to be thankful for in 2011 some of which are shown above. Some of which are just keeping my mind off of other things in my life. The bunnies are a labor of love and keep my mind off of other problems. Am very happy with my Jersey Wooly sweepstakes standings considering I have not been showing the breed for very long. Very proud of my English Angoras and how well, the few that I showed last year, did at the shows. Very proud of my home breed Jersey Wooly winning a Best in Specialty Show at Delmarva. Overall, a pretty good year.