Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On Our Way

We are going where?
They do have blue grass there.
Okay, load me up!

Everyone have a great trip, eat lots of BBQ and enjoy seeing all your friends. Oh, yea, good luck at the show. Travel safe and I will see you there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sale List Continues

Shepherds Whirlpool

Shepherds Arabesque

Shepherds Whirlpool, lilac tort young senior buck, proven, out of Countryside Wiseguy, ( 2 BOB legs, 1st junior buck)black buck from Collin Burns lines and GC Shepherds Nuance, her mom was sister to BIS 2005 ARBA) blue doe, 3 legs. Great solid body, just coming back into coat. May bring to convention for early pick-up. $150
Shepherds Arabesque, REW young senior doe, in short puppy clip due to her sister next door chewed her coat, out of Countryside Wiseguy (info above) and GC Shepherds Aris, 7 legs, 4 BOB and specialty BIS. May bring to Convention for early pick-up. $200

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Convention Sales List

Shepherds Petal

Professional Grooming Box
The Convention is sneeking up on me so I better start to make my sale list.

Shepherds Petal is a REW junior doe out of GC Shepherds Neptune (Blue tort buck, 5GC legs, 4 BOS, 3 BOSV) and GC Shepherds Pandemonium (tort doe, photo previous post, 4 GC legs, 2 BOB, 1st sr doe and 1st junior doe out of 7). She is entered in Convention and will be for sale for $250.

Professional Grooming box. Great for tools, brushes, many compartments and locks wth a key. Used once, it's too tidy for me, but in perfect condition. I was told they sell for $75. Charging $50 and will only bring to Convention if someone is interested.

More bunnies later.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

So Much to do and So Little Time

Pandemonium as a baby and all grown up.

Well, I finally have caught up with my cleaning and now have to get everything ready for Convention. I am re-stocking my grooming bag with clean tools, corn starch and baby powder, cable ties, wire and wire cutters, Vanodine spray, and hair scrunchies. Next, food cups and water bottles along with toys and hay. Last time I mixed up food for everyone with some extras included, measured out one cup per bunny per day and threw in a couple of extra scoops into a large, cleaned cat litter tub. I used it for a seat when I was sitting near the cages and put it on my rolling trolly so I could cart it around for each feeding. Bunnies need to be tempted by their favorite feed so they feel at home and don't stop eating.
What most people don't realize is that bunnies are cooped in cages by color, age and sex. This means that your rabbits could be spread out over many isles. It is best to put some kind of I.D. card on you cages when you set everyone up, so you can find them again. I entered 8 this time as that is how many risers I have right now and didn't feel like making any more. I will try to work on sale bunny photos today.