Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Here is Shepherd's Belladonna on the cover of Russian Harpers Bazaar with Naomi Campbell. Hoping to get some of the photos from inside the cover. I think she looks adorable.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bad Weather

 Hurricane Sandy before this door blew in.
Here it comes. 
Next was 10" of snow! 
GC BIS/RIS Shepherd's Bellhop with his big Rosette. 
GC Shepherd's Ladyslipper groomed up.

It has been a very interesting few weeks since the Lebanon show. Much to my surprise jersey wooly buck Shepherd's Bellhop won an open BIS at the Lebanon RBA show. I was told that there were 1,700 rabbits entered. What a nice win for a little 3 lb. bunny with almost every beautiful breed of bunny represented.

Next we had Hurricane Sandy that hit the Jersey shore with so much force and destruction. We lost out power and then when it came back on we were hit with a heavy snow storm that brought down trees and power lines so we lost our power again.
I was so happy to have the power back that the first thing I did was groom bunnies!

I was able to get to the Baltimore and Howard show by sharing a ride and transporting some bunnies home for local owners. It was so nice to see all my bunny friends and that them for the good wishes and prayers that they sent my way.

I am having to cut down on my beloved angoras and woolies. They went to some very loving homes. Very happy for them and their new owners. I will miss them but am very happy to see the smiles on the new owners faces. Now for more clean up as we pick up from Sandy and get ready to put our house up for sale after the holidays. Happy Turkey Day everyone! Gobble, gobble!