Saturday, January 22, 2011

Static and Snow Part 2

What is that blur? Could it be a snowball?
Electric Angora.

So static-y you can't even focus.
Well, the static continues and from what I hear, we are due for another big snow storm next week. Not looking forward to it, I can tell you that much. It sure looks pretty and I don't mind driving in it. It's the other drivers that scare me and how fast it came down last time. I was at work and they didn't let us leave until later in the day. It was snowing so hard the plows couldn't keep up with it. I travel on a major highway. No problem right? It was so bad I couldn't see the road. Pulled up behind a plow and followed it down the highway. Next thing I know, I am pulling into a salt depot behind the truck. Not where I wanted to go, LOL. After that I drove the rest of the way home on smaller roads where I could make out buildings on each side and keep centered on the road. Bunny coats are still under a static alert although I am making a little more progress. It is 9* this morning so we can only hope for an early spring.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow and Static

Backyard after more snow.
Static-y Woolie.

Why did you shock me?

More snow out the front door.
So I think I can truthfully say "I'm over it!". It is only January and we have had over four feet of snow. That is my SUV under that lump down the end of the driveway. We could only shovel a small area near the road in order to park the cars. It makes it very difficult to get 50 lb. bags of feed to all the animals at the back of the property. We usually drive them or put the on a wagon and pull them around. That can't be happening now. Even with 4 wheel drive, it ain't happening.
Next is the static. I am over that too. Poor bunnies, if I forget to touch something and scuff across the rug, shocks to what ever I touch. Something that does help the static is to keep a small purse size spray bottle of water and spritz the air around the bunny and your hands. Also, keeping hand lotion on your hands cuts down on the dryness. And yes, keep thinking Spring!