Thursday, April 15, 2010

Round Ball of Fluff

Shepherds Amber Pearl/top & side view.
Front view.

Top and side view.
Many people ask me to explain the round ball of fluff that the english angora standard calls for. While grooming Amber Pearl for the show on Saturday, the thought dawned on me that pictures can be worth a thousand words. Although she is still growing in her coat, I think she looks just like the round ball of fluff called for in the standard. Very circular in shape and pretty even through out with nice thick density. She is still a little coarse due to the guard hair growing out first and the under wool not yet caught up.
Since she won 1st junior doe at 2009 Nationals in New York, she molted her junior coat so has had a hard time competing with both Caprice and Sweet Pea. Now that they are both almost out of the picture, Amber Pearl can move into the limelight. Her competition is Bouquet (a Sweet Pea half sister) who has a softer coat at the moment. She won BOB at the Long Island Show A. Plus GC Shepherds Angel Cake is still holding her own with BOB at the Long Island Show B.
Anyway, I hope that helps to explain what a round ball of fluff looks like to me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long Island Show

Shepherds Aegis waiting for his turn.
Judge Donna Grimm going over the English Angoras.

Look at me, I'm a really big bunny.

Shepherds Miss Pretty checking it all out.

Grooming Shepherds Angel Cake.
Going to the Long Island show is always fun. It is held at a park full of re-located historic buildings. The show is held in a huge re-created peg and beam building that is just beautiful. It is open to the public so there is lots of people visiting on a sunny day. The visitors were facinated with the bunnies and ask tons of questions. My friend Joni has been asking to come to a rabbit show with me because she couldn't believe that people really do this for a hobby. I thought this show would be perfect for her because it is pretty close to home and there are other things to do if she got bored with the show. I have always wanted to tour the historic village but have never had time or was just too tired after showing. Thinking that Joni would take the tour if showing got too long and boring for her, was I wrong. She loved the show and spent most of the time following me around with her mouth open. She also took my camera and captured some wonderful show photos, which I always want to do but never seem to find the time. She was the most funny when after showing angoras, she asked to help carry some back some bunnies to the cages and looked shocked when I plunked a big furball in her arms.
Between her and the park visitors, it was tons of fun to see the bunny show through their eyes. The look of amazement from the little kids is still making me chuckle even today. Some things we just get so used too and just take for granted, like the sight of carrying 3 big fluffballs back from the table after showing, can just give joy to someone's day. In all the serious competion of showing, I think we sometimes forget that. Joni's phone message home to her son was "Clear out the shed!". Opps, I've brought someone else over to the dark side =:>)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny Visits

The Easter Bunny got tired from delivering eggs.
Love the hat!

Very cute little bunny.

The End....................
We had the Easter Bunny over for Easter Dinner. He had a very fun time delivering eggs at his other Grandparents so was tired when he got here. That's okay, he seems to like his Grandma's shoulder to rest on. Guess who found the Easter outfit? The pants had bunny feet but they were a little long on him. I'm sure going to pay for that when he gets older but for now I couldn't resist. Just adding another bunny to the Rabbit Shepherd's herd.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter

It's all about the goodies.
It's all about the bunnies.

It's all about the goodies.

It's all about the bunnies.
How about both! We love goodies and we love bunnies so how could we ask for a better holiday. I hope everyone has a good one. Hoppy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Projects

My Little Buddy.
Pushing Up.

Here's looking at you, kid.
Spring time is usually when I start in on bunny projects. Heavy duty cage cleaning, changing floor wire, clipping down rabbits and shearing goats. Something little has been distracting me this spring. I can't imagine what it could be. It's rather small, now 10 pounds and 10 ounces, is looking at everyone, pushing up on his hands and falling asleep on his Grandmother's shoulder. Really, I should be out there power washing cage wire but this somehow seems much more fun. More on bunny stuff later, maybe.