Monday, April 23, 2012

English Angora Wins

Shepherd's Laurel 
GC Shepherd's Princess Poppy 
Shepherd's Lady Slipper

As promised, here are the colored english angoras that were shown at the Rhinebeck, NY show. Poppy won two more BOB, Lady Slipper won first junior doe twice while Laurel won 2 BOS awards. He went on to win another BOS award at the Baltimore and Howard show last Saturday against some really tough and handsome competition. Lady Slipper came in second to Alyssa's beautiful junior doe, Eve. Donna's beautiful black sentior doe, Berry Bright won first senior doe and I believe, BOV. An agouti senior buck came in first in the buck class. The BOB award was won by a beautiful rew junior doe owned by Anita. She is a lovely little bunny who we better all watch out for in the future.

The woolies also had some very tough competition at B&H but managed to take home a BOG self with Shepherd's Bellhop, a first self junior buck with LSR Elusive,  and BOG broken with Shepherd's Polka Dot Bikini. The awards were spread through out the wooly exhibitors but BOB and BOS were won by Jenea's beautiful AOV pair. With the Hoto Nationals running along side the open show, everyone was kept hopping. We all had fun, enjoyed seeing everyone and the bunnies enjoyed the cooler weather.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reserve in Show

GC Shepherd's Bellhop with his BOB Prize. 
 Judge Howard Keller with Bellhop.
Bellhop with his Reserve in Show Prize cage.

Seems like Bellhops showing off sure had a payoff at the Rhinebeck show with his Reserve in Show win and double Best of Breeds. His coat looked really nice and for a white buck, he stays pretty clean. The weather was perfect for a rabbit show, cool, partly cloudy, breezy and no humidity. We had a neat new building, big and open at each end for the nice breezes to blow through so rabbits and exhibitors stayed nice and comfortable. This was a last minute decision to go to Rhinebeck, NY. I love this show but finances are tight so it wasn't really planned for. I think I won some over places in the self classes, pretty sure junior buck in both shows but was so busy watching Bellhop that I lost track of the junior classes.

They had really neat prizes of a clock with you winning BOB rabbit on the face. They made them while you are there so you could take them home with you. Since they had some left over you could buy one for any rabbit or for a BOB win with less then 10 rabbits in the breed. They are really cute! The prize for RIS was a perfect 3 section wooly carrier. Bellhop just loves it.

Judge Howard Keller was the judge for BIS A and I was thrilled that he picked my wooly and gave an honorable mention to EA Poppy. He said he would have picked her but she needs a bit more density. I said it was alright because the Jersey wooly was mine also and either choice would do fine for me. He had a big laugh over that one.

My angoras did better then I thought they would with Poppy winning double BOB and Laurel, colored jr buck, won double BOS, Lady Slipper won double junior doe and junior rew buck (no name yet) won double BOV. I guess they didn't look so bad after all. I will post some photos next blog.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dots Grow Up

Shepherd's Bellhop 
 Brokens grow up
 and get wooly.
Drizzle's litter getting fluffy.

Shepherd's Bellhop, brother to Shepherd's Ring My Bell, has finally come into his own by winning Best of Breed at the Hamburg show B. He is later developing then his sister and his 2 other siblings have yet to finish getting their senior coats, so time will tell. He is turning out to be a very handsome boy and he loves to pose just like his sister did. He kept standing on his hind legs trying to see what the Best in Show Judge was doing. He was really funny to watch, at one point resting his front feet in my hand, as he was getting tired of standing up tall on his own. What a show off!

The broken angoras are getting lots of wool and are getting really big now. They are all so cute, it is hard to know which ones to keep. Most of them will be going at nationals so if anyone is interested, contact me at

GC BISS BL's Drizzle's litter has turned out really cute with lots of wool. I am really happy to have a solid black doe and a broken black otter doe. I have even fallen under the spell of a certain sable marten buck, look at the cheeks on him. There is one siamese sable doe that will be available so let me know if you are interested in her. Looking forward to Angora Nationals but don't think I will have anything in coat with this crazy weather we had this winter, we will see. I can always show my Jersey Woolies, lol.