Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delmarva Two

BL Epic
RH Michael Jackson

BL Drizzle

GC Shepherds Divine
Almost forgot the other part of showing at Delmarva, Jersey Woolies. Poor little guys, I always forget about them with the big wins of the angoras. They all did really well at Delmarva. I was really proud of GC Shepherds Divine as she was the sub bunny for another one that molted the day before the show. She is already granded so I didn't want to bring her out again but she won BOB in the first show. Ragen beautiful shaded jr buck won BOB and Bl Epic won BOS in show B for her 4th jr leg. BL Drizzle won BOB in the Jersey Woolie Specialty show and I guess BIS? I'm not to sure how the JW shows work and no one really said anything. They are fun to show as they seem so easy after fussing with angora coats all the time, I am very happy with how they are progressing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Delmarva Show

Two pretty angoras and two very hot and tired exhibitors
GC LW Contessa sitting pretty.

Judge Dennis Holcomb did the choosing.
What a hot, hot day at Delmarva! They promised cooler temps but it just didn't happen. The angoras seem to handle it fine but the exhibitors not so well. There was one point where I was standing at the front of the writers table. I was trying to write for the judge and bring my bunnies up at the same time, when I thought I would go down for the count. I got some water and things seemed better. The poor Judges really seemed to feel the brunt of it as sweat poured over the bunnies being judged. The angoras had a great day! Donna McGraw won 2nd Reserve in Show A with a beautiful Lilac English Angora Doe. I believe that Tia won a Reserve in Show Youth with a REW English Angora Buck. I won a Best in Show B with GC LW Contessa. This was such a surprise as I have won BIS B at this show for the last 2 years. With 3 years in a row, this must be my show! They give beautiful directors chairs as a prize. Everyone was teasing me that I needed just one more chair and a table and I can host a nice dinner party.
My Jersey Woolies did really well also. GC Shepherds Divine won BOB in show A and BL Froggie won BOS. In Show B, BL Epic won BOS and BL Drizzle won BOB in the JW Specialty show. So the wins were spread out over all three shows. It was a very hot and happy day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

South Jersey R&CBA

BL Epic wins BOS "A" and BOB "B"
GC Shepherds Bouquet wins BOB "A"

GC Shepherds Amber Pearl wins BOB "B"

GC LJ Contessa wins BOV "A" and "B"
Mullica Hill is a close show and a double so I always try to make it if I can. Numbers seem to be down this year as it was less crowed then in previous years. The two breeds I show were in different building so it made for some running around. The judges were very patient and Judge George Long was training a new recruit. She seem to like the "hairy beasts" so that is a good thing for the future. In show "A" GC Shepherds Bouquet, a Sweet Pea half sister, won BOB and GC LJ Contessa won BOV white. In show "B" GC Shepherds Amber Pearl won BOB and Contessa continues her wins with another BOV. In woolies, a beautiful blue buck owned by Bunny Turley won BOB and BL Epic, my REW junior doe, won BOS. In Show "B" she won BOB for her third junior leg. My black senior buck, RH Michael Jackson, won BOS for his first leg. I think they are coming along nicely. What a nice cool breezy day enjoyed by both bunnies and humans.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Liam Update

Still Very Tired.
Holding Hands with Grandma.

Not yet awake.

Loves his Toys
On Mondays my Grandson, Liam, goes to his other Grandma's house. She also watches Liam's cousin Emily. They must have a rocking good time because he doesn't get much sleep. On Tuesday, I get to watch Liam. He is always very tired and we both get to catch up on our ZZZZZ's. He is always in a good mood even if he is tired and we have fun playing with all his toys. He also likes reading the "Meow" kitty book which is red, his favorite color. Liam is fun.

Sheep and Wool

Much Bunny Hugging.
Tons of beautiful yarn.

More Bunny Hugging.

Cute baby animals.
The Garden State Sheep and Wool Festival has been a fun place to participate in for many years. It has always had plenty of traffic and a good place to sell bunnies for spinning pets. Besides bunnies, I usually bring wool, herbal sachets and chocolate bunny pops. Sadly, this was a very slow year due in part to the economy, a rainy Sunday and two other festivals in surrounding states. Why do they host these festivals all on the same weekend? Luckily, I was able to share the price of the booth with my friend Amanda and her daughter Madeline. we had so much fun and laughed all weekend. We took turns walking around and we could get a lunch break, so it worked out great for both of us. The baby animals here were just so adorable that my husband wanted to bring them all home. Lucky for me the Alpaca he wanted was $15,000. :-)