Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not like the other

Looks a little different.
Doesn't matter to me.

Mom and Sis seem small.

That's ok, we have lots of fun together.
Sometimes a new mother bunny can't or won't feed her babies. That's why I always breed a group of bunnies. This time without thinking, I bred a bunch of first time mom's and no experienced mom's. My english angora doe wouldn't nurse and seemed to have no milk. First time jersey wooly mom only had one living baby. Solution, put the 3 living angoras with the jersey wooly mom. Even though she was a first time mom, she still seemed very happy to care for her new babies. They are half the size of her already but she makes a great foster mom to them. She has lots of milk and is very protective of her brood. She didn't seem to notice that there were 3 more additions to her litter or that they are some big babies. Little jersey wooly baby keeps up with them and pushes them away if she doesn't get enough food. It is very funny to watch the lone jersey wooly baby frolic around the cage with her much bigger angora siblings. It will be even funnier when the angora babies reach 8 weeks old and will be as large as their 3 pound foster mom. I will try to keep you up dated as they grow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Liam had so much fun playing with the box of candy hearts that he fell asleep. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Year Old and PASRBA

Can it be one year already?
Photo of PASRBA from Barb Smith.
Well, PASRBA was fun and interesting as usual. Everyone seemed so happy to be out of the house and visit with all the bunny people. I never stopped talking all weekend. The weather showed itself to be a terrible ice storm on Saturday morning with many accidents on the Pa. Turnpike. No one was seriously hurt and the show was delayed by an hour. My angoras were not is the best of show coat but Donna sure swept the classes with her beautiful bunnies. On the other hand my woolies did way better then expected against the top breeders in the country. The only two brokens I entered ended up take turns with top in their class. Riff-Raff, broken sr. buck, won on Saturday with a BOSG and a BOG in a large class of over 10 entries. Eat Your Heart Out, broken sr. buck, won the open show on Sunday with a BOS. Riff-Raff took back the win with 1st sr buck in the specialty show out of 12.
My self sr. does were in the top quater of all the classes with a third for Dior, blue sr. doe, and the rest of the group staying 4,5,6 for all the other shows. These were large classes of 15-18 bunnies.
And last but not least, Liam is one year old on Feb.12th. I can't believe the little peanut is that old already and boy does time fly. He is the most fun I ever have and just adore him. Looking forward to his birthday party and to his Christening on Sunday. I had a grandma withdraw at PASRBA when I got to hold Jeanea's adorable son Luke. Hope I get to bring Liam to a show before long.