Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Distractions

Shepherd's Peony

GC Shepherd's Sunflower

Small round ball of fluff.

GC Shepherd's Drizzle

Pretty bunny photos distracting me from Hurricane Irene. Tried to groom for awhile until part of my chimmney fell off. Very strong wind and tons of rain pelting down. We still have power but it probably won't last for long. There are many big trees in my yard and here's hoping they stay up. There are still some laying in the yard from the snow storms this winter. Try to get a landscaper to come cut them up while working 50 hours per week.

What is it with you Mother Nature? Us humans must have done some really bad stuff to be pelted with all this weather. Hope it is over soon. Bunnies don't seem to be bothered by any of it. They are tucked up warm and dry with their little raincoats on. There goes more of my chimmney, better go take a look. Wish me luck.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful Images from france

A cart holding the lunch menu.

Soft colors and flowers.

Lavander as big as Me.

Palest of Pinks.

Here are some more quick images from France. Been really busy so not much time to blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great Trip to France

Tasted some wines.

Saw some landmarks.

Viewed the D-day beaches.

Climbed up some mountains.

My Dad and I took a trip to France. We had both been looking forward to it for many months and it did not disappoint. We saw almost everything in France from top, Mont St. Michel and the Normandy beaches, to the bottom, Marseilles, Arles and Avignon. The first half of the trip we drove from Paris Airport to Mont St. Michel and all over Normandy, then back to Paris. A customer of mine gave me advice about driving in France before I left. He said practice this: beep your horn, curse and shake your fist in the air. If I did that I would be ok driving. Well, I only had to use it once. The French drivers are actually more courteous and thoughtful of other drivers than any driver in New Jersey is. They never hog the fast lane, use their blinkers and flash their lights to let you know it is ok to move into their lane. We only got lost a few times and it was mostly around Paris where we kept passing a huge amusement park called "Festyland". I think they did this on purpose in order to get more visitors after tourists got tired of going around in circles. We came back to Paris for a few days and had some fabulous food, saw Versailles, Museum D'Orsay and had a dinner cruise on the Seine River. Next onto a train to Dijon and to Charlon sur Soame for our boat cruise on the Soame and Rhone river through the
South of France. What a wonderful trip! More later when I get over jet lag.