Monday, January 28, 2008

Rabbit Show Roundup

Well, I haven't posted for quite awhile due to a very hectic work schedule and showing when not at work. 2007 has been a good year for the rabbits here. We had a great time at the ARBA convention in Michigan placing in the top 10 with every entry and Shepherds Bluebell (blue tort doe) placed 4th colored senior doe. I was happy with her placemet, considering she was a replacement for my original entry that molted. She went on to to win 2 Best Reserves at the Berryville, Va. shows and ended up with 5 G.C. legs.

Shepherds Miro( REW buck), also had a very good year with 5 BOS, 2 BOV and 1 BOSV and granded with 5 G.C. legs. He still has his coat and will be shown at the Pa. Convention this weekend. So glad I didn't sell him as a baby. His half brother Neptune (blue tort buck) has 2 G.C. legs so far winning BOSV twice. We hope to finish his wins this weekend depending on the competition.

Shepherds Pandemonium (tort doe) has granded with 2 BOB, 1 BOV and 1 first junior doe. She still has a coat and she might even come this weekend. Her half sister will be around this spring.

Shepherds New Pearl (Pearly Mae, REW doe) has finished her show carreer with 3 G.C.legs and will be bred shortly. She is Neptunes sister and has a killer body.

Shepherds Stardust (Rew doe) has also completed her Grand Championship with 6 legs and has 5 BOV and 3 first place junior does. She is the daughter of Shepherds Natty, BOS at NARBC nationals, 2006.

This spring, I am hoping to do well with Shepherds Sensation (REW doe) , daughter of Serendipity ( sister to the BIS ARBA 2005) and Shepherds Natty. She has a really beautiful silky, coat and a nice, short compact body.

G.C. Shepherds Aris (REW doe), winner of BOB show A and BIS specialty at last years PA. Convention, is the proud mom of 4 little white babies. It looks like 2 does and 2 bucks so far but it is still hard to tell. She is such a good mom and keep the babies right by her at all times. Possibly, there may be some babies for sale depending on what stays. I kept all the bunnies from the litter Aris came from.

G.C.Shepherds Aster ( Chocolate tort, an Aris sister) and G.C.Shepherds Muddpuddle ( chocolate doe) should be due next week with, I hope, some babies with color. The following week will be Shepherds Tailspin and Shepherds Lilah, I hope. Both blacks.

That's all for now. I hope to post more news after the show this weekend. It will be fun to see everyone. Some of you guys, I haven't seen since Michigan. Good luck everyone!