Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maine Chance

GC Shepherds Divine
GC PP's Bellisima

Shepherds Bouquet

Shepherds Amber Pearl
Well, I have been having show withdrawl since staring my new job. There were 4 different bunnies in the rabbitry that just needed one more winning leg to grand. I was trying to work out all kinds of things to get them to a show. I mentioned this to Colleen and Lauren Morrill and they both said "We'll take them to Maine for you! We love fuzz-balls!" Well, they do and they did. It was so nice of them and apparently they had a ball with them. The show was at night so it was nice and cool with a breeze blowing. Hardly needed to use the blower at all. They don't get many angoras in Maine so there were no other competitors in that class but the woolies did really well. Shepherds Divine won BOS in the first show and PP's Bellisima won BOV in the first show and BOS in the second show. Two new Grand Champions to welcome home. I was up most of the night texting to see what was happening so I almost felt like I was there. What is that saying? My bunnies went to Maine and I got to stay home and work :-( But very happy that both Divine and Bellisima completed their GC. The two angoras will have to stay in cold storage for the rest of the summer and come back out in the Fall for another try.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Angora Faces

Shepherds Bouquet
Blue Velvet Nose

Hidden Under Fluff
In my humble opinion, there is nothing as cute as an angora nose. They are velvet-y soft and almost always moving. They are like a surprise hidden under all those soft furnishings. Angoras enjoy nose rubs and like to nudge you back if you don't give them enough attention. These beautiful photos were taken by Donna McGraw at the National Capital show in Maryland. She is always so kind to take photos. The photos she takes are truly beauty shots of the bunnies. It helps me out as I am not the best photographer and half the time I don't remember to take pictures. I have been having some bunny show withdrawl. There are shows to go to but due to my new job, I am unable to attend. It is a shame as some of the bunnies are looking pretty good including Shepherds Bouquet, half sister to Shepherds Sweet Pea. Her coat looks even better than in the above photo. She is only needing one winning leg to grand. Any volunteers?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bath Time with Grandma

All sweet and clean.

Loves his Grandma.
On Tuesdays, I get to babysit my Grandson, Liam. He is such a good baby and I really have fun with him. I can't believe how fast he has grown up. He will be 4 months old in one week. Liam likes to stand up already and may skip right over the crawling stage. He likes to pull up to a sitting position now. He loves to smile at everyone and try to talk in baby gibberish. It is very funny to hear him have a conversation with you in his own language. Bath time is fun and he holds on to my shirt with his tiny hand. I got him the monster towel before he was born but he is very far from being any kind of monster, just a sweet, happy little boy. I guess you can tell I really love him.