Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Like The Others

Liam Says Hi!
Only 6 weeks old and almost the same size as Mom. Same age wooly on the left.

She is good to cuddle with.

We love our adopted Mom.
Well, the angoras are almost as big as their jersey wooly adopted Mom. Very funny when all the nursing is going on. As you can see by the photos, they are all very attached to her and she has been a terricic Mom. She has saved some very nice angoras for me and I owe her lots of gratitude. Her baby is very nice also, except her is a charlie, not enough color to show and no nose markings. I usually don't keep charlies as they are not showable but He likes his angoras siblings so he might just have to stay. We will see.
Liam is walking very fast around the furniture. He is in his manly pajamas that Granma bought him. He says Da-Da and Kitty-cat plus lots of other words that no one can understand. He is very much fun to spend time with.