Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring winnings

As you can see, I haven't entered any news lately. I have been away for my job down in Richmond, Virigina and running back and forth to shows. The Long Island show was a lot of fun getting to see old friends and visiting that beautiful location. Plus, it is only 1 1/2 hours from home which is a plus. Countrysides Wiseguy won the BOB in show "A" at 5 months old. He comes from Colin Burns and was owned by Patti Piscetelli. She was going out of rabbits so I was able to purchase him. The judge, Alan Platt had a very hard time choosing between Wiseguy and Aster who is the sister of Aris and was in a beautiful, full coat. Aster won BOS and finished her grand championship. Mudpuddle came in BOB at show "B" with ELS Brody taking BOS. Brody is another bunny that came from Patti bred by Emily Spencer in Michigan. Both got a leg and Mudpuddle is now granded also. There was a photographer for the club there and took some nice photos which I will try to post as soon as I figure out how.