Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

 Pandoro cake
Christmas outfit. 
Fluffy wreath. 
Christmas cracker kid.

I hope everyone had a very happy Christmas and enjoyed family and friends. We had a very quiet Christmas this year as everyone went to Florida early. It was fun and relaxed. I even put up the fluffy wreath, because everything at my house has to be fluffy.

We tried to get some Santa photos at the mall. Liam would not sit on Santa's lap at all this year, with much crying when I tried, and even bribed him with a ride on the Mickey Mouse car ride. I knew last year was a fluke, everyone in my family is alway scared to death of anyone in a costume. My Christmas Pandoro looks nice but no one liked it except Liam and I am sure he was going for the whipped cream and strawberries that was served with it.. Back to the stand by pumpkin pie again next year.

We have English Christmas crackers at our house because it is a traditional treat in England, where my husband is from. You get a crown and a prize. Liam is enjoying his crown and whistle very much and seemed to enjoy his toys and gifts. Everyone was tired by the end of the night from too much Christmas.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brokens Grow Up

 4 Weeks old
 Nice broken markings.
 Looks like 2 little girls
The Prince and the Pea.

The broken angora babies are getting big now and starting to look fluffy. They have very nice markings. Looks like two little girls, a tort and a lilac or blue tort. It's nice to see that the color looks to be nice and dark and there is quite a bit of color. The Mom has only a partial butterfly so I was not expecting such perfect butterflys. They already have personalities, the tort is very shy and the lilac is more outgoing and comes to the cage door for pats. Liam was playing the prince and the pea by bringing all of his blankets out of the bedroom. I layered them on him in the recliner so he could lounge, eat his cereal snack and watch Disney Junior. What fun to be young, humans or bunnies!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Richmond Show

 Shepherd's Iridescence
 Best of Breed Show A
 Shepherd's Iris Best of Breed Show B
 Youth Skunk and Reindeer costume
 Open Skunk costume
 Open Stink Bug costume
 English Angoras waiting to show
Very big and well filled showroom.

The Richmond show was fun as always but in a new location this year at the Richmond Racetrack. It was a much bigger building then the Firehouse, so there was lots of room to spread out. I did miss the ladies that cook such great Southern food at the Firehouse. There was no food in the showroom so everyone was going across the street to McDonalds. Not quite the same. Better weather then in past years, but that bring many more exhibitors and a much later show. Very tired but I di get to take photos this time. The costume contest was so cute, especially the 2 skunks and the agouti Netherland Dwarf dressed as a Stink Bug. I think the Stink Bug won a prize. It didn't look real happy about winning though.

Donna McGraw was missed at the show but I was able to bring her beautiful bunnies and show them for her.  Her black buck won BOS at both shows with very nice comments from judges, Stacey and Sue. My senior doe sisters shared the day with Iridescence winning BOB in show A and Iris winning BOB in show B. Didn't really have to use the blower, just sat them on the grooming table and let the wind do the work. I also was lucky enough to win BOS Jersey Wooly with Shepherd's Polka Dot Bikini, broken senior doe, in show A and Shepherd's Belladonna, self senior doe in show B. Took a few best of varieties and best opposite of varieties in self and broken classes. A nice way to finish out the show year!