Friday, November 20, 2009

Behind the Times

Magic and Crazy Di's litter.
GC Tom Thumb and Hyacinth's litter.

GC White Excitement and GC Blue Diamonds litter.
I promised baby pictures and with one thing and another, they all grew up. That is the thing with dwarf breeds, they look full grown at 4 weeks old because they are so small to begin with. They always look cute no matter what age the are. Everyone of the babies look to be all girls except for one REW buck which normally is good but I was really hoping for a blue boy out of one of the litters.
When working with brokens, it is always good to have a solid color to cross back with if you don't want to get any charlies. I was planning on trying a broken to broken litter later in the year or into the spring. I wanted to see what they turn out like and use the charlies back to a solid with broken in the background. This is supposed to intensify the color on the broken and give more pattern overall. We will see.
I am looking forward to seeing how the baby Woolies grow up especially the 2 REW babies as they have a really nice coat and body type already.
The Baltimore and Howard show was fun but I still felt in a fog for most of the day from my cold. Most of my angoras are out of coat or not grown up enough to compete yet. GC Shepherds Aslin took BOS in English Angoras and GC CR Blue Skies took BOB in Jersey Woolies. Aslin is now retired. He molted all of his coat off his belly but he ended up with a Reserve in Show and 11 GC legs. I am very tempted to breed Blue Skies but might wait until after PASRBA in Feburary. Have a few other does hopefully bred. Wish me luck. The last 4 Angora breeding produced nothing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glamour Shots

Tulamores Caprice posing after her BOB win.

GC CR Blue Skies after her BOB win.

CR Conspiracy Theory sitting up nice after BOSG win.
I am falling behind on the blogging after getting a big head cold and taking 6 1/2 to drive home from the Carroll County show. It is only a 3 hour drive but with accidents and road construction, it took double the time it should have. So it has taken me 3 days to recooperate only to turn around and do it all again tomorrow. Well, there are only 2 more shows until show season finishes for winter so I will have to make the best of it.
Donna McGraw took these beautiful glamour photos of a few of my winning Woolies and of my English Angora Tulamores Caprice. She is one talented animal photographer. Sorry I couldn't get the photos of Caprice bigger as the detail of her wool shows up just beautifully. If you want to see Donna's many other animal photos look up the photo gallery at her website Tulamore Farm. I am trying to get her to go into business:-)
Caprice looks really nice and is a very young senior. She had a hard time showing against Sweetpea but is coming into her own now. What a nice silkey texture she has.
The Woolies are brother and sister (can't you tell by looking at them?) and have come along well during the fall show season. Blue Skies has 7 GC legs, 4 BOB and a 2nd Reserve in Show. I aquired her brother later in the season and he has won 2 GC legs with 2BOSG wins. They are the sweetest bunnies and just love going to shows. Their GC Mom is sweet like them and has a beautiful litter of 2 REW babies which I am holding out high hopes for spring 2010. I have to get some photos of them, they are so cute. Will have to wait and see how they do. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Over to the Dark Side

Oh No! I actually bought yarn.
My very wavy knitting.

They do make a pretty pile.
After almost twenty years of having angora rabbits, I finally asked my Mother to teach me how to knit. Horrors, this is from someone that used to throw away her angora wool. It is all Donna McGraw's fault. She said "We know how to knit but we need to learn how to cast on." So I said I would get my Mother to explain it. She could make a diagram or something. The next thing you know she is "making" me knit.
Now mind you, my Mother is a very talented knitter, seamstress and cross-stitcher. My Mom has offered to teach me to knit before but I never really had the time. I am also very un-coordinated, having been throw out of ballet class, at age six, for going in the wrong direction too many times. But ok, I would learn how to cast on so that my friend and her children could become expert knitters.
Well, the casting on went fine. I have a talent for casting on. It's when the rest of the knitting happens that I get into trouble. Remember the whole wrong direction thing. It kicks in when I am knitting. To add to the trouble, my Mom taught me on wood needles and gave me some metal needles to practice on. They are like knitting on ice. You can see, in the photos, my imitation of the ocean waves with my practice knitting. So I thought that if I got some wood needles at the craft store, I would have an easier time practicing. But the yarns were all 25% off and all the colors were so pretty and they were so soft, so now I am in big trouble. Apparently, the person that dies with the most yarn wins? Anyway, that is what all the ladies buying yarn were saying. You are in big trouble, Donna McGraw!