Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Philly, Costumes and Hang Loose

The husband and I go to Philadelphia.
Beautiful Buildings

My Son's Halloween Costume.

Laim's Rad Hairdo.
What do rabbit people do when they are not away over the weekend at a rabbit show? In the weeks close to Convention there is usually a lull before the storm, so to speak, and many exhibitors hang close to home to let there bunnies prime out for the big show. Since I am not going, I looked to other fun closer to home. Well, we went to vist my son at Art College in Philadelphia on Sunday and had a great time. The weather was warm and sunny. We visited his dorm and walked around the city a little then had dinner in a 150 year old pub. My son showed us his Halloween costume. It is a "Gilly Suit" that he bought at the Army/ Navy store. Apparently, he has always wanted one. Who knew? He plans on going to some park on Halloween and scaring people. I just hope he isn't arrested. Liam was considering this outfit for halloween after his bath and hair combing today, but I think his parents have a shark costume for him where his head sticks through the mouth. Shudder! Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Like a Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates
Which one to pick?

The cream filled one on the left?

Happy Halloween!
Like Forrest Gump says"Life is like a box of chocolates" and that is just what I wanted. My friend Vinnie is very good with genetics. I am not. I have a good eye for colors but am not good with genetics. Everyone has been asking for chocolate colored English Angoras and I have not been able to make them. Vinnie said "Breed black to chocolate tort and you will get chocolates." How could this be? It didn't make sense to me but I went ahead and tried it and look at what I got. A box of chocolates! I don't know how it worked but it did. Very exciting to get some new colors. Now on to the lilac pearls. Liam is very excited that Halloween. We went to Target on errands and turned the corner to see a huge display of Jack O' lanterns. He gasped and waved his arms around excitedly. I got the hint and it was the best dollar I ever spent. We put things in it and took things out of it the whole rest of the day. Fun, fun, fun and it's not even Halloween yet!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Bunnies

Shepherds Peony
You smell like carrots!

Shepherds Seismic
Sad not to make it to Convention this year but happy to have some unlikely litters being born. It was so hot this summer that I figured it would be sometime before I would be able to get some bunnies bred. Some little bird told me that to keep breeding the bucks and the sterility would pass through. It sounded like a good idea so I tried it and have been happily surprised to have 4 does making nests this week. So far, Sassafras had 4, some chocolates maybe? It sure looks like it and with enough wool in the nest to keep an Eskimo warm. Bunnies are such willing foster Moms. I had a Wooly have a litter 2 weeks ago and she was feeding them well. Then I had another young doe have a litter about 10 days later. She would have nothing to do with the only living baby. I stuck it in the nestbox with the two older babies to keep warm. It looked so tiny peeping between the two big babies. I put Mom in to feed them and much to my surprise, this bitty thing had a fat tummy after. How it managed to get to the milk, I have not idea but it continues to thrive. I will have to get a photo.
Managed to make it to the MARCS Show on Sunday to support the club for the Convention Bid. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the slower pace of a single show. Got to spend time with friends and the bunnies did better then expected. Amber Pearl won BOS in angoras and Drizzle won BOS and Perriwinkle won BOSV in woolies. Fun was had by all!