Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jersey Wooly Sweeps

GC CR Conspiracy Theory (following photos by Donna McGraw)
GC CR Blue Skies with her Best Reserve.

GC CR Blue Skies official photo

GC CR Ice Maiden and GC CR White Excitement
What a whirlwind year. I always said I would never show more that one breed because of the devotion needed to be the best at it. After having angoras for 20 years, I just felt I wasn't progressing. Being somewhat discouraged with the angoras and watching newer breeders excel way past me, I needed a boost or a new interest. Jersey Woolies have been in and out of our lives for some of those years and I thought that it may be time to bring them back again. Teasing that they are my retirement bunnies as they are small and much more portable, I started working on them about 3 years ago but never showed them. I wanted them to be the best that they could be before I brought them out in public. Billy Miller came along and helped me with my dream. He always had the most beautiful woolies and was selling out alot of his show stock. These are some of the bunnies above that came to live with me and made my first year of showing woolies so successful. Winning a Reserve in Show with Blue Skies put the icing on the cake. I was also happy with my own lines, much to my surprise, granding 3 and winning many BOB with home grown stock. The final JW Sweepstakes report is out and I couldn't be happier with the results considering this is really my first year of showing woolies.
#20 Overall (out of the 156 listed)
#7 in District 9 (with some of the top breeders in the country)
#17 in Herdsman points ( Not sure how they figure this out)
#20 in Awards of Excellence (BOB & BOS points out of 114 listed)
#18 Rabbit of the year (with 8 of my rabbits listed out of 467)
This has also helped me with my angoras somehow, by putting a fire under me, and they did very well this year also. These are two of the sweetest breeds and I just adore both of them. I am much more of multi-tasker now running from table to table and with much help from my bunny friends, thanks, you know who you are.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speed Grooming

LJ Contessa sits patiently.
Shepherds Amber Pearl is dozing.

What's that blur?

Just me, little LJ Kaolin trying to avoid both the brush and the camera.
You have to take advantage of any little drop in temperature to get the bunnies groomed. My front porch serves as the shaded, usually breezy, grooming area. It is still not cool enough so I quickly speed groom the tops and work on the bottoms inside in the "cold storage " area. It has truly been the hottest summer that I can ever remember. It is amazing that any rabbits have any coats on what so ever. This show season should be interesting as so many people are ranting that every bunny they have has molted. Who is to blame them? If I had any fur, I would certainly shed it off. It is hard to even have clothes on as I sit here at 9 PM and it is still 84* out. Most of my retired angoras are clipped down in May and this will keep them cool and they will have a coat on in time for Fall. The year, I am already clipping them down again for a second time in order to keep them cool. In 20 years of raising rabbits, there has never been a second clip in summer. Every single person I meet says they can't wait for winter, just picture last winter though, do we really want that again? I guess humans are never happy.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Looked dead to me.
Starts to flutter.

It's Alive.
Coming through the long hallway to work, I looked down to see this huge moth on the ground. It was as big as my whole hand and was not moving. I thought it came in the dark cool hallway to rest and must be dead. It was so beautiful sitting against the dark blue wall, I had to take some photos. When I leaned over to take the picture, it started to flutter. I was glad to see it was alive. By the time I left work later, it was gone. I guess it came in to enjoy the air conditioning and then went back to it's regular habitat. Every creature must be feeling the heat and this one learned how to adapt pretty well. This proves that you can enjoy nature anywhere, at any time.