Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who says.........

Litter of 6 woolies, 4 black and two white!

GC Amber Pearl's white litter.

Angora litter of pearls, lilac tort and blue tort.

Litter of 7 Jersey Woolies! There is another one under baby on left.

Who says Jersey Woolies only have one baby, they are all peanuts, the first litter never lives? Whoever said it are wrong, wrong, wrong! With the cold winter we had, not any litters were born. Rabbits are smart. They know it is too cold to raise babies. Now that it is warm, they say it's now ok. Just had a wooly litter of six last week, Mom is doing great and it is her first litter. The babies are very active. I usually bring the nest boxes in the house overnight as I worry about the babies. This Mom was doing so well that I left them in with her. The next morning two were missing. A white baby and a black baby. I crawled around on the floor looking for them and found the black all huddled up on a two by four. The white baby was no where to be found. I looked and looked and looked. Came back out about an hour later to look again and this little white baby was sitting in the middle of the isle like "Here I am, what's the matter with you, do you see me now?".

Next, a first time wooly Mom has 7 babies! Just crazy! I did split up that litter with a wooly Mom that just had two. She had 3 smoke pearl or blue, 2 broken blue and 2 broken black, all of equal size. Next, I have a english angora litter of 12, it was almost like two litters. She is down to just 5 babies now but they look to be pearls, blue tort and lilac tort so far. GC Amber Pearl had a very managable litter of 3 white babies with GC BIS/RIS Seismic. This is a most exciting litter for me. I haven't had REW babies in a very long time. GC BIS Contessa and GC BIS Wyatt's babies are coming along very nicely. More photos soon. No Easter photo's as Liam was teething and finally got his first tooth, so we spent most of Easter distracting him from his pain. Hoppy Easter everyone, sorry I missed my usually Easter blog post.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Showers

Shepherds Sunflower

Shepherds Picasso

Where's Mommy?

Jersey Wooly Mom with her 6 week old adopted angoras.

Hard to believe that I have not posted on this blog for so long. Life gets in the way of the fun things I like to do. The Jersey Wooly/ angora litter is doing well. I feel like the angora babies flip over their adopted Mom for a drink these days. They are almost 8 weeks old now and will go to their own cages tomorrow so I think I will have to get a final photo. The angoras seem huge by comparison to the wooly baby buck and his Mom. I think that I will have to breed Mom again as she will be so sad to see them go. Never saw such a proud Mother bunny, she sure knows she raised some special super big and fuzzy babies.

Have been to a few shows but I need to work out more time for my grooming. It really shows how little time I had. Hamburg was a hectic show and Shepherds Sunflower won BOB in show A and Shepherds Picasso won BOS. Not sure what happened in show B as Tia showed my buns for me so I could leave for work. Long Island was a fun show as usual, Donna came up to join us and Linda made the treck down. Shepherds Sunflower won a BOSV in show A. Linda and Donna had some beautiful bunnies and Linda won a BIS for the second show with her beautiful REW doe.
I will have some updated photos of the wooly/angora litter soon. Lots of babies in the nestbox so hope for some nice baby pictures also real soon.