Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Pepper with her twins.

Sugar with her cocoa colored baby.

Jersey Wooly GC Blue Diamonds with her english angora adopted daughter.

Our friend Julie doing Sheep to Shawl at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

What a fun weekend, a rabbit show on Saturday and the sheep and wool festival on Sunday. Then I got news that two of my angora goats had babies on Mother's Day. What a fun surprise! Sugar had a cocoa colored baby and Pepper had twins. It is so much easier to have baby goats in the spring instead of the coldest day in February. They have a much easier time and have such a fun time frolicing about. The rabbit show was fun and we had some different judges. It was interesting to hear the comments and learn something new. Donna won a Reserve in Show with her beautiful REW doe in show B. The festival was fun and I ate too much food. We got to talk to all of our friends that we don't get to see very often, walk around in the sunshine, buy beautiful yarn, goats milk soap and even more beautiful jewlery. Some of the girls took classes and some of us just looked at all the fun projects we could try if we all had more time. Wish I had more time and energy to see everything that was there but it is just too big. Now I see why you need 2 days to spend there. I bought my Mom some black 100% Alpaca yarn and some handmade knitting needles. She was very excited to see what she could make from them. My daughter, her husband and my grandson Liam gave me a beautiful pink alligator patterned Ipad case to keep it protected. I just love it and was thinking about getting one for myself. My son, the poor college student, gave me a nice phone call to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue-eyed white and other colors

Ha ha, blue eyed white!

Lilac Pearl Buck, Shepherd's Luster, mad about getting groomed

His sister lilac pearl, Shepherd's Iridescence.

Another shot of Iridescence.

Everyone knows I have a thing for odd colors of angoras rabbits. My favorite angora color of all time is lilac pearl. I had a lilac pearl a few years back named Shepherd's Thistle. She produced many grand champions and mostly sable pearls and torts as I was breeding her to darker colors. One of her grand children, a blue tort Shepherd's Bouquet,was bred to a REW buck with lilac tort and dilutes in his background. I finally got some lilac pearls. They were raised by the Jersey Wooly mom show in previous blog posts. She did a real good job. They have such a delicate coloring but have are a bit of a cranky temperment. They are related to Shepherds's Sweetpea, who was famous for growling at the judges. Even when she was up for Best in Show, she managed to get a growl in. They were always surprised as angoras are know for their sweet temperment and would back away from her. I will have to work with these guys to get them to calm down a little. Their first show will be this Saturday. I hope the behave.

Thought I would tease a few people with my blue eyed white angora Webkin that I got for Easter. LOL, it is a different color.