Saturday, September 1, 2012

Out of Cold Storage

After an eye opening iced coffee, 
GC Shepherds Lady Slipper, lilac tort sr doe and 
Shepherds Delphi, rew jr doe and 
Shepherds Flora, black jr doe come out of cold storage.

Most summers and especially this summer, I try to handle my angoras very little. It is just too hot for them and for me. Lucky for me, they have pretty easy care coats so they can hang out in the AC all summer and not be too worse for the wear. It is finally a little bit cooler, 80*, this morning and 3 ladies came out for a real good grooming. They were not too bad but still need some work on the underneath which gets the most felting and friction.

Shepherds Delphi is the first rew doe that I have produced in a really long time. I was originally looking to add other lines of rew but I am glad that I didn't as Delphi is worth the wait. She is much nicer than anything I could buy and her sister Shepherds Flora, the first black doe in a really long time, is also worth the wait. There are three other sibling from this litter and I will post photos of them as they get groomed. They will be the perfect age to take to Angora Nationals in Reno as seniors.

The iced coffee really did look like it had eyes and was staring back at me this morning! I must have been really tired.

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Frau Seidenhase said...

Oh, Wow,
very cute
kind regards