Saturday, February 23, 2013

PASRBA Wrap up

Judge Chris Zemny looking at English Angoras 
The "Wool Room" 
 Judge Nate Burbridge judging Jersey Woolies.
 A youth breeder showing her French Angora.
Judge Bill Waley gives Shepherds Delphinum BOG

PASRBA is the largest show we get to go to besides ARBA Convention. It helps that it comes along in Feburary when everyone has bunny show cabin fever. It is a chance to have some outstanding judges that we normally would never get to show under, again, outside of Convention. Two that were really a joy to listen and learn from were Judge Chris Zemny and Judge Nate Burbridge. So much information was given about each and every rabbit that these two judges handled that it was a total learning experience. I came away with so much knowledge about my two breeds.

And I don't want to forget about Judge Mike Avesing, ARBA president, who judges the angora specialty show is another teacher of all things bunny. I want to thank the show committee for the thought they gave in choosing these fine judges. And of course thanks for the "Wool Room" where like minded individuals have fun getting wool on themselves and others and no one even minds!

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